High-frequency scanning probe microscope

The application of high-frequency techniques to quantum devices underlies the recent advances in quantum computing. These techniques allow for coherent control of quantum information, its manipulation, and the implementation of error correction schemes in current-generation qubits that are responsible for recent breakthroughs in the field. Implementing such techniques within quantum microscopes has already begun with the recent demonstration of electron spin-resonance on single spin and spin-assemblies in radio frequency scanning tunneling microscopes (RF-STM). Implementation of such techniques requires the development of specialized instrumentation in which RF pump-probe signals are integrated with the usual imaging and spectroscopy capabilities of the STM. Furthermore, integration of such methods with device-like structures, such as those built from two-dimensional monolayers and their stacks, opens a very broad landscape of materials and device platforms for quantum control experiments in ultra-clean crystalline devices. This is a new project for which a newly dedicated instrument will be built in 2021-2022.