The Yazdani Lab focuses on emergent quantum phenomena, primarily those that arise because of the interaction between electrons or the topological properties of their wavefunctions in materials. Such phenomena are at the frontiers of expanding our understanding of quantum materials. Our group specializes in the both the development and application of atomic scale microscopy and spectroscopy to visualize and characterize the nature of such correlated and topological quantum states with high spatial and energy resolution. Our group’s efforts are focused on developing quantum microscopy techniques to perform measurements that were previously not possible and to direct these advanced capabilities towards the most current challenges in condensed matter physics.

Ongoing Research Projects: (links in progress)

Ongoing Techniques and Instrument Development Projects:

  • Modular ultra-high vacuum millikelvin scanning tunneling microscopy
  • New: Millikelvin atomic force microscopy
  • New: Ultra-quiet millikelvin scanning probe microscopy using magnetic refrigeration

Recent Research Projects:

  • Weyl semimetals and their topological bulk-surface connectivity
  • Topological insulators and the absence of backscattering in their boundary modes
  • Emergence of heavy quasiparticles and their superconductivity
  • Pseudogap, charge-ordering, and high temperature superconductivity in cuprates



moiré superlattices
moiré superlattices


topological edge channels
topological edge channels