High-resolution studies of the Majorana atomic chain platform

posted November 7, 2016

Recent experiments have shown that chains of Fe atoms on Pb generically have the required electronic characteristics to form a 1D topological superconductor and have revealed spatially resolved signatures of localized Majorana Fermion quasiparticle (MQP) end modes. With significantly better energy resolution than previous studies, we show that the zero-bias MQP peak has no detectable splitting from hybridization with other states and that is exhibits a distinctive 'double eye' spatial pattern on nanometer length scales. Our results provide evidence of substantial MQP spectral weight in the superconducting substrate, a conclusion further supported by measurements of Pb over-layers deposited on top of the Fe chains. These findings, and their detailed correspondence with theoretical modeling, provide critical evidence for the MQP interpretation of the zero-bias end mode.

"High-resolution studies of the Majorana atomic chain platform," B. E. Feldman, M. T. Randeria, J. Li, S. Jeon, Y. Xie, Z. Wang, I. K. Drozdov, B. A. Bernevig, and A. Yazdani, Nature Physics 13, 286 (2016). (Article)